Quick guide to purlin hangers

Published on: 18 June 2021

Purlin hangers are a type of fixing for hanging installations from roof purlins. They are quick and easy to fix to a purlin or flange, and can be used to suspend building services installationspurlin hangers including cable trays, pipework, HVAC systems and heavy lighting features.

Purlin hangers are usually constructed from either mild steel or spring steel. Both materials contain a low amount of carbon and are strong enough to suspend the weight of services underneath without bending or breaking.

How to select the right purlin hanger for your job

First you need to consider the type of purlin you are fixing too. Purlins can have differing profiles, for example, some have straight lip edges and others have a return lip of different angles. These will require purlin hangers with different fixing designs to affix securely to the purlin.

The position of the purlin is also an important consideration. If the purlin is at an angle due to a sloping roof construction, then you will need a suitably designed purlin hanger that will fix to an angled purlin but will allow the installation to hang vertical.

The required method of suspension or fixing from the clip is also part of the decision process. Does your installation require a threaded rod fixing, a chain or hook fixing for example?

Types of purlin clip

Purlin clips are generally used to fix or suspend in conjunction with either threaded rod, chain or wire from the purlin. We have options for vertical flanges, Z purlins and angled profiles. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Vertical flange clips – for fixing to vertical purlin flanges, these clips are available with space for threaded rod which can be set at the required height or with a Ø6.5mm fixing hole for an S hook or nut/bolt etc.

purlin hanger    purlin clip

  • Z Purlin Hangers – for 45° purlins with maximum 2.5mm lip. Available with threaded rod hanger or fixing hole for S hook and chain. These simply hook onto the purlin.

      purlin clip

  • Angled profile hangers – also suitable for 45° purlins but with a lip range of 1-5mm. These clips can be hammered onto the purlin for secure fixing.

purlin hanger   

  • 90° purlin clips – also available for threaded rod or hook and chain.

purlin hanger     

We have 14 types of purlin hanger in our Britclips® range, you can view the entire selection here.

How to fit purlin hangers

Purlin hangers are really simple to install. Once hooked over the flange of the purlin, just use a hammer to secure it in place. Then depending on the type of clip you can attach the threaded rod or hook and chain elements to the height and position required.

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Our range of Britclips® electrical fixings are made in the UK and are available to buy through most national electrical wholesalers as well as many independents. Ask in your local merchant or give us a call to find your local stockist.

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