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Published on: 29 January 2020

Since launching the RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) we have received many installation images from plumbers and electricians, showcasing how they have used the RSWB. The comments and photos we have received from installers really demonstrate the versatility and time-saving benefits of this adjustable bracket.

Not only that! We have discovered some new uses for the RSWB that even we had not thought of!

Here’s just a few of the images we’ve received…

rswb install   rswb install  rswb install

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Feedback from installers

Useful for both plumbers and electricians, the RSWB is the perfect replacement for wooden noggins to mount pipework and electrical boxes in stud walls and floor joists. It’s also great for shower and flue fixing.

“It’s cost effective, easy to install, versatile and it looks good too!”

Integral Plumbing and Gas told us: “No more going back and forth cutting 1mm off lengths of timber!”

The Dulwich Plumber found them useful for fixing pipes over an uneven surface: “These have become a must-have on the van. Made clipping over an uneven wall easy!”

Glister Services loves the new 10-16″ RSWB, he said “These are awesome for all us retrofit installers where the joists and studs are much narrower than 400mm.”

CR Plumbing and Heating uses the RSWB as standard now: “We’re using the bracket on almost all of our installations now from bathroom first fixing, long pipe runs through timber joists and stud walls, to repair works. They have really changed the way we work.”

Amigo Electrical uses them as standard for electrical first fixing: “We use the RSWB as standard now for all our first fixing. It’s so convenient, cost-effective and is a huge time-saver.” 

See installation images from all of the above installers in our RSWB installation gallery.

View the full installation gallery


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