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Published on: 17 November 2017

If you are an electrical installer, there is no need to struggle with traditional methods of fixing within stud walls. The Britclips® RSWB was developed to provide installers with an effective and easy solution for mounting electrical boxes, conduit and more.Britclips RSWB

Traditional methods of using wooden noggins, or pieces of rail, can be time consuming, unreliable and inflexible. By the time the wood or rail has been measured and cut to the right length, then secured to the studs, the job could have been done several times over with an RSWB.

Features and benefits of the Britclips® RSWB

  • Extendable bracket for faster mounting of electrical boxes and conduit
  • Can be fixed to metal or timber studs
  • Expands from 16 to 24 inches (40-60cm)
  • Quicker and easier to install than traditional methods
  • Can be positioned at multiple distances from the edge of the baton
  • Lightweight product
  • Made from high quality galvanized steel

What do installers think about the RSWB?logo top product

The RSWB was voted a ‘Top Product of 2018’ by readers of Professional Electrician magazine. A fantastic accolade!

An electrical installer who regularly uses the product commented;

“The Walraven RSWB has quickly become an essential part of our electrical 1st fix process.  The adjustable nature of the arms not only allows it to be used in any partitioning system, but also allows us to position accessories in their final location at 1st fix stage.  The huge benefit of this is that it removes the need to return at a later date to install accessories often under difficult circumstances, such as through plasterboard or insulation.”


Britclips® RSWB in metal stud







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