Types of anti vibration mounts

Published on: 21 December 2021

What are anti vibration mounts?

Anti-vibration mounts are fastened to machines, pipework and ductwork to eliminate vibration and noise. Vibrations from mechanical services and HVAC equipment can be transferred to the supporting structure and travel large distances to be emitted as noise elsewhere in a building.

anti vibration mountsAnti-vibration mounts are typically made of rubber or springs, or a combination of both. They have excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening properties. These products are used in a wide range of buildings and industries ranging from commercial and domestic high rise buildings, to entertainment venues, industrial facilities and power plants.

Vibration damping mounts are easy to install and are available in a variety of sizes, designs and load capabilities.

Types of vibration isolators

By using the correct type of vibration isolator you can increase the lifespan of machinery and mechanical services whilst reducing the adverse effects of vibration, noise and shock.

Here is an overview of the main types of anti-vibration mounts provided by Walraven.

spring mountsSpring mounts

Antivibration spring mounts are primarily used for low frequency vibration damping (slow speed rotation around 600 RPM upwards). That could include applications like air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, air compressors, etc.

Spring mounts can consist of individual or multiple open springs, or encased spring mounts for heavier equipment loads, or where stability is a problem.

Rubber mounts

Rubber or elastomer mounts like our bell-shaped elastomer isolator are suitable for machinery with radial vibration (rather than axial), and equipment prone to starts and stops. They are ideal for equipment with high frequency vibrations above 2500RPM.rubber mounts

Rubber levelling mounts perform a similar role with the added benefit that they don’t need to be fixed to the supporting structure. They are suitable for outdoor ACUs, axial and radial fans, motors, pumps compressors and more.

Spring hangers & rubber hangers

spring mountsSpring hangers absorb vibration and vibration-related noise of low frequency suspended loads such as pipework, ductwork, fans and other HVAC equipment. Walraven’s spring hangers include a rubber spring base cup to prevent contact between the housing and the spring, giving better efficiency.

A Rubber Hanger uses a rubber absorber in place of the spring, and is usually applied in ventilation and AC systems. Walraven’s hanger is also adjustable for use on sloping ceilings.

Silent rubber absorbers

These versatile rubber isolators are for preventing metal-to-metal contact in machinery, generators and HVAC equipment, to prevent the transmission of vibration and noise. Available in a range of sizes and styles.

Silent blocks

anti vibration mountsSilent block rubber absorbers come in a range of configurations with either internal or external threads, or both. They are ideal for use with all kinds of elastic suspension or mounting of equipment, particularly if there is metal-to-metal contact. These are used for compression.

Rubber pads

Anti vibration rubber pads are an easy way to reduce noise and vibration from machinery. Walraven’s tile pad is supplied as 64 blocks joined by a membrane which can easily be cut to the required size and shape for added flexibility.

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anti vibration mounts

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