High quality corrosion protection suitable for food industry

Published on: 13 December 2019

toms 2A Danish chocolate and confectionery manufacturer invested in a modern new production facility in Nowa Sól, Poland.

The PM Group was appointed as supervisor of the project. Their involvement began in 2016 with site selection and due diligence in parallel with concept design development and site master-planning. It continued through basic and detailed design, permitting, procurement, construction management, design author’s supervision, commissioning and start up assistance.

The project was recognised with a Regional award from the National Labour Inspectorate for the high value placed on safety.

The challenge – corrosion protection

As you walk through a typical food processing plant, you can see equipment constructed of a myriad of materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastics. Corrosion can be an enemy of many of those materials. Because of the quality of food requirements purity and sanitation standards require excellent corrosion resistance in the entire production area. These food quality requirements lead most plants to select stainless steel as a material of choice.

The Solution

BUP_schildOur technical engineers worked closely with the main contractor and the installation subcontractor throughout the scheme to develop an effective and high quality fixing solution for the diverse pipe installations. Due to the corrosive environment around these installations, special consideration had to be given to the surface protection of the components. First only Stainless Steel A2 or A4 was allowed to be used. We convinced the investor and supervisor to recommend the Walraven’s BIS UltraProtect® 1000 fixing system solution. This system completely consists of products treated with the special Walraven BIS UltraProtect® 1000 coating. It withstands up to 1000 hrs salt spray test (according to ISO 9227), ensuring the best corrosion protection and thus very suitable for food industrial environments.

Expansion device installationIn addition to the topic of corrosion protection our technical engineers also had to take the pipe expansion and contraction into account. If the behaviour of the pipe, due to temperature differences, is not correctly considered when installing the pipework, the movement of the pipe will damage the pipe fixing systems ineffective over time. Expansion devices were installed to allow for the linear thermal movement.

Our engineers carried out calculations and drawings and visited the construction site several times.

tomsType of installations:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Steam
  • Ventilation

Products used included:

  • Walraven Heavy Duty Clamps (BUP1000)
  • Walraven BISOFIX® PIR
  • Walraven Threaded Rods (BUP1000)
  • Walraven Expansion devices (BUP1000)
  • Walraven RapidStrut® Rail (BUP1000)
  • Walraven RapidStrut® Rail accessories (BUP1000)
  • Walraven Strut ‘Heavy Duty’ Beam Clamp (BUP1000)

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If you need a flexible, effective and easy to install solution for fixing your pipework in highly corrosive environments, our Walraven Technical Engineers can provide a comprehensive project support service to help you design and deliver an effective solution.

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