Installation of rooftop duct supports

Published on: 5 October 2016

Avantor, a company based in Gliwice (Poland) delivers chemical products and materials for laboratories. The installation of ventilation ducts on the rooftop of their business premises provided some interesting challengesavantor3.

The problem

The site required ventilation ducts to be installed in a very confined space. In addition, the ducts could not be attached to the roof or the walls. Therefore, Avantor asked Walraven for help in designing a bespoke rooftop support solution.

Walravens’ bespoke rooftop solutionavantor2

Our standard rooftop solutions Walraven Yeti and Walraven Urus could not be used here. Therefore, we opted for our heavy frame system: Walraven Maxx. With this system we installed the large ventilation ducts above each other in layers. These were attached to the main substructure of the building because the roof and walls could not be used.

We produced all the required parts ourselves. This meant we could supply everything to the location at Avantor within 48 hours. Avantor were very pleased with the speed of service, and the fact that we fully prepared and completed everything ourselves. From estimating to execution, we provided all the information and performed all the work.

How can we help you?avantor4

If you have an unusual or challenging installation problem we may be able to help. Call your Walraven Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to discuss your query.

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