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RSWB – Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket

The Britclips® RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) is quick, easy to assemble and cost-saving solution for mounting electrical boxes, conduit and pipes within stud walls or floor joints.

Made from high quality galvanized steel, the RSWB is available in two sizes – 10-16″ and 16-24″. It is quicker and easier to install than traditional wooden noggins and can be positioned at multiple depths in the joists depending on what you are installing.

The RSWB was voted a ‘Top Product of 2018’ by readers of Professional Electrician Magazine, find out here what installers have to say about it.

Features and benefits

  • Time saver – installed in 3 easy steps
  • Can be fixed to metal or timber studs
  • Adjustable length brackets
  • Can be positioned at multiple depths
  • A lightweight product made from high quality galvanised steel
  • Can be combined with other products for even faster fixing like BIS starQuick clamps

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