How to reduce installation costs with a DobyGrip wire suspension system

The DobyGrip Wire Suspension System is a quick and efficient alternative to using threaded rod and channel to support HVAC and electrical installations. Doby lock

The system is ideal for static objects that need to be hung in high areas such as cable trays, suspended ceilings, air ducts, light fittings and so on.


Time and cost saving

Traditional methods of installation using threaded rod and channel are both costly and labour intensive. For example, to make 75 brackets using rod and channel, the materials alone would weigh around 375kg, and it would take many hours to cut and assemble these brackets on site. The same 75 sections of wire suspension system would only weigh around 15kg and require no pre-assembly. As a result, 1st fix installation costs can be reduced by 60-70%.

Ideal for contemporary renovationsHow to reduce installation costs with a DobyGrip wire suspension system

It is becoming more common for ceiling installations to be left exposed in ‘trendy’ commercial developments. Using a wire suspension system offers a solution that is visually much more appealing

than the alternatives – perfect for trendy developments such as pub renovations.

Other benefits of using DobyGrip

  • Very simple to install and adjust – no special tools required
  • Aesthetically pleasing as the product is discreet when used in large open spaces
  • There are health and safety benefits as the time spent working at height is reduced, and the risk of manual handling injuries is also reduced due to the lightweight wire suspension systemproduct
  • The reduced volume and weight of materials to manufacture and transport on site (compared to traditional rod and channel) results in up to 95% reduction on CO2 emissions
  • DobyGrip has high safe working loads and can be used for both vertical and diagonal loads

There are a range of DobyGrip products available suitable for different applications, including a lighting kit.

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