How to fix pipework faster with the Britclips® RSWB

Domestic and light commercial plumbing and heating engineers have been telling us of the benefits of using the RSWB for installing pipework in their day-to-day work. Craig Reading from CR Plumbing and Heating recently told us how the RSWB has made his work quicker and easier since he discovered it a few months ago.

No more noggins!

Traditionally, plumbers have used wooden noggins for fixing pipework in floors and stud walls. Whilst this is a tried and tested method of installation, it is not the easiest or most convenient method for today’s busy engineers. It can be time consuming and challenging to find pieces of wood, cut them to size and fix them in place, then line up the clips in longer pipe runs.

A box of RSWB’s on the van does the trick

The days of using wooden noggins are over! The Walraven Britclips® RSWB is an adjustable metal bracket which comes in two sizes:

  • 10-16″ (25-40cm) – NEW size out now!
  • 16-24″ (40-60cm)

Perfect for all first fix plumbing from mounting pipework in floor joists or stud walls to bathroom/shower fixings, simply extend to the required size and screw into the joist.rswb

The brackets have pre-drilled holes so you can simply screw in your pipe clips and get perfect alignment.

A box of RSWB’s in the van is now an essential part of the plumbers toolkit!

What do installers think?

Craig Reading from CR Plumbing and Heating told us: “We keep a box of RSWB brackets on all our work vans, the time-saving element is key for us. We’re using the bracket on almost all of our installations now from bathroom first fixing, long pipe runs through timber joists and stud walls, to repair works. They have really changed the way we work. It’s such a versatile product which helps us get our jobs done quicker and they look great too!”

Watch our new installation video to see exactly how it works:

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