How to reduce installation time with Maxx modular steel system

When an MEP installation requires more support than typical strut products can give, the traditional installation method uses welded steelwork supports. However, modular steel systems are becoming a popular choice for today’s contractors.

What are the problems with traditional welded steelwork?

When installing a welded steelwork system, a hot works permit is required on site which can mean increased H&S risks on site, more costs and longer lead times. There can also be logistical challenges on site as lifting equipment might be required to move the steels into place. Welded steelwork is also not easily modified on site, adjustments may require re-cutting and re-welding resulting in slow progress and material waste.

How can Walraven’s modular steel system save time on site?

Modular steel systems have many advantages over traditional welded steelwork supports. Walraven’s Maxx system is designed for fast and efficient 3D construction using a simple range of parts which can be used for many applications.

Maxx Hamerfix Connector

The unique feature of the Maxx system, compared to other systems available, is the Hammerfix bolt connector. This innovative connector is simply inserted into the rail and turned 90° before tightening quickly and easily with an impact driver.

The beauty of this connector is that it can be used to hold the assembly in place and make adjustments before the final tightening. This connector can be used to connect all parts of the system. It has a high load capacity and a linear indent on the top to indicate the position of the T-bolt within the rail.

              Maxx Hamerfix Connector                         Push into rail, twist and tighten!

modualr steel    modular steel system

Additional time-saving features of Maxx

In addition to the Hammerfix connector, the Maxx modular steel system can also save installation time with the following features:

  • Supplied in kit form, with pre-cut rail and assembly parts ready for construction on site. No cutting. No welding. No drilling.
  • Easy to modify on site if required
  • Box profile rail with continuous hole perforations on each side for maximum flexibility and versatility
  • 100% hole pattern match between all parts for easier and faster construction
  • Easy 3D construction using simple Hammerfix connectors
  • Lighter than traditional welded steelwork systems so quicker and easier to move around site
  • Off-the-shelf parts mean you can obtain additional parts if required, quickly and easily.
  • Walraven’s Technical Support Team can provide designs and part lists with loadings and all supporting calculations and documentation for your project

Find out more about Walraven’s Maxx modular steel system

Find out more about Maxx including product information, case studies and other useful articles here.  

If you would like to request a product demonstration or an appointment with a Walraven representative to find out more about this modular steel system, or technical support then please complete the form onthis page and we will get back to you.

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