How to achieve the best sound-proofing for your pipe installation

Sound-proofing is becoming a more important consideration in construction projects. With the increase in buildings constructed in close proximitynoise_isolation_image1_480x325px to others, often with complex systems to provide us with a healthy indoor climate (such as heating/cooling/ventilation etc), the sources of noise need to be taken into consideration and addressed. 

Rubber lined pipe clamps

It is important to mute or disconnect the noise and vibration from the building structure. A simple way to reduce or eliminate noise from heating, cooling or ventilation pipework is to use pipe clamps with rubber lining. Rubber has the useful quality of being able to absorb vibrations, therefore, less vibration travels through the bracket into the building, removing a significant amount of the sound.

More specialist sound-proofing requirements

In certain buildings, for example, hospitals, hotels, theatres and large apartment buildings, there may be more specific noise-reduction requirements. noise_isolation2This could include requirements to reduce noise from plant rooms, waste water pipes or pipe expansion.

The “dis-connection” of the sound or vibration is the solution. Walraven have a range of acoustic supports for each of these instances from pipe fixing points to spring and rubber mounts and our unique Bismat® 1000 for waste water pipes which has superior noise insulating properties than alternatives on the market. Our Bismat® 1000 Stand Pipe Clamp offers unrivalled low residue sound insulation exceeding the requirements of DIN 4109. Tested and documented by The Fraunhofer Institute.

The best solution: talk to our experts!

We are experienced in designing, manufacturing and supplying sound-proofing solutions for construction projects. Do you have specific requirements? Please feel free to contact us to discuss this with our experts.


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