How to reduce costs and improve processes with BIM

Our technical team can introduce you to the world of 5D modelling in a flash!

If you are still one of those who believe that BIM is a software or a very advanced technological tool and that is beyond the scope of your construction project, we have news for you, it’s not! It is totally accessible, as well as profitable for your company.

BIM, Building Information Modelling, is a working methodology for the creation and management of a construction project. BIM uses programs such as Revit®, ArchiCAD® or AllPlan®, allowing you to create digital design simulations, incorporating 4D and 5D tools. This means you can have real-time data and digital descriptions for every aspect of the physical project.  Subsequently, you can manage information intelligently throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Efficiencies in all areas

Companies in the sector that have already switched to BIM, estimate up to 50% of savings in money in the design phase of the project; 30% in the construction phase of the work and up to 20% savings in logistics concepts. All of this is due to the minimization of errors that BIM allows for at every stage of the project. While BIM is mostly associated with design and preconstruction, it absolutely benefits every phase of the project life-cycle, even well after building is complete. Building Information Modeling allows projects to be built virtually before they are constructed physically, eliminating many of the inefficiencies and problems that arise during the construction process.

In turn, the collaborative environment of BIM will allow you to have an optimal communication between the builders, manufacturers, architects and civil engineers of your project, creating a collaborative network that will increase productivity and coordination between departments.

Top ten benefits of BIM

  1. Better collaboration and communication
  2. Model-based cost estimation
  3. Preconstruction project visualisation
  4. Improved coordination and clash detection
  5. Reduced cost and mitiagted risk
  6. Improved scheduling/sequencing
  7. Increased productivity and prefabrication
  8. Safer construction sites
  9. Better builds
  10. Stronger facility management and building handover

How can walraven help with BIM?

Walraven offers a comprehensive project support service, with a specialist technical team, that can help you implement BIM in your company for modelling the architecture, engineering and construction of your projects. For this, we use Revit®, the best option in software when designing your project, from its conceptualisation to the planimetry of its construction.

But that is not all! The ongoing update of your project in Revit® will allow you to consult and extract information from the installation using ‘as-built’ maps. In this way, you will be able to visualise everything from the type of pipes and their final routes through the building, to the model of installed air conditioning machines.

You can find many of our product families as Revit® downloadable files on ourBIM Library. Our library offers information on parameterised product families, with detailed geometry and complete support solutions.

We provide a free modelling service for specific assemblies, for which we provide solutions for MEP BIM projects with an LOD400. Likewise, we offer support in the creation of .rfa files.

Start your BIM journey today!

Building Information Modeling has become an invaluable tool with an abundance of benefits for the construction industry. Projects utilizing BIM have a greater chance of success and maximize effectiveness for every stage of the project lifecycle and beyond.

Send us an e-mail to [email protected] and get 100% free advice from our technical team.

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