Fire Wraps

Fire Wraps

Fire wraps perform in a similar way to collars except they do not have the metal shell. This means that they need to be installed inside a solid construction – such as a concrete wall or floor. The concrete effectively works in the same way as the metal shell on a collar, to stop the intumescent expanding outwards. Fire wraps can be a very cost-effective solution, as long as you have the right installation requirements suited to this product. Our Pacifyre® FPW Fire Protection Wrap is ETA approved and has a self-adhesive layer for easy installation. 

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    Pacifyre® FPW Fire Protection Wrap

    • for application in flexible walls, rigid walls and rigid floors
    • suitable for combustible pipes with intended use as rainwater, sewage, gas, drinking water and heating or cooling
    • for various combustible pipe materials such as PP-H, PVC and PE

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