Sealants and gap fillers

Sealants and gap fillers

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  • 2180100020

    Pacifyre® S Silicone Fire Sealant

    • up to EI 240 for linear gap seals
    • suitable for linear joints in walls and floors with max. 25% movement
    • for sealing annular joints around pipes, fire collars and fire sleeves or wraps

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  • 2180100010

    Pacifyre® A Acrylic Fire Sealant

    • up to EI 240 for linear gap seals
    • up to EI 120 for pipe penetration
    • up to EI 90 for cable penetration

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  • 2180100040

    Pacifyre® G Graphite Sealant

    • fire sealant for combustible pipes, insulated and non-insulated multi-layer pipes, insulated metal pipes and cables
    • for application in flexible walls, rigid walls and rigid floors
    • suitable for combustible pipes with intended use as rainwater, sewage, gas, drinking water and heating or cooling

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  • 2180015300_BIS_Pacifyre_FPM

    Pacifyre® FPM

    • for sealing around:
    • recommended for sealing ventilation flaps, ventilation ducts and fire protection doors (leading firestop element should refer to a class A1 fire rated mortar sealant)
    • can be used by hand or with a mortar gun

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  • 2139306005_Pacifyre_MP_Weichschott

    Pacifyre® MP Soft Bulkhead

    • for sealing combustible and non-combustible pipes and cable penetrations in EI90/120 requirements according to EN 13501 in walls (solid walls or light partition walls ≥ 100 mm) and ceilings (≥ 150 mm). Approved for use in Austria and other European countries (not in Germany or Switzerland).
    • consistency of the applicable coating (#2139300002) can be changed so that it can be brushed or sprayed.
    • suitable for installation in wet or damp rooms

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  • Tangit_FP_550_2181550

    Tangit FP 550 2C Fire Protection Foam

    • for fire-proof and smoke-proof sealing of partitions for pipes, cables and combinations
    • also for light partition walls greater than 10 cm thick
    • fire-proof and gas-tight for at least 90 minutes

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  • Tangit_FP_800_2181801

    Tangit FP 800 Fire Protection Coating

    • Tangit FP 800 Fire Protection Coating is an integral part of the Tangit FP 550 2C Fire Protection Foam system
    • for final coating of partitions for pipes and cables and combination partitions with Tangit FP 550
    • for coating cables, cable bundles and cable trays to stop fire spreading

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