Products authorised for use on the London Underground

London Underground operates the LUL authorised products register and only products that meet the requirements of this process can be installed within the network.

Here is a list of Walraven products that satisfy the requirements set by the London Underground and are therefore authorised for use on the underground network and stations.

Walraven Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps

heavy duty clamp

heavy duty clamp





Both our Walraven HD500 and Walraven HD1501 heavy duty pipe clamp ranges are authorised by LUL for use on the London Underground. They can be used for the installation of mechanical and electrical services such as ductwork, pipework and cable management systems. Suitable for installing steel pipes up to 509mm in diameter and heavy load pipework.

View our authorisation certificates for HD Pipe Clamps:

LUL Certificate 2683 HD500

LUL Certificate 2684 HD1501

Walraven RapidStrut® Fixing System




Rapidstrut cantilever






This is a heavy duty fixing system to support electrical and mechanical services including ductwork and pipework. It is suitable for large pipe diameters and heavier loads. RapidStrut with accessories is a modular, steel profile system which is readily assembled.

View our authorisation certificate for RapidStrut Fixing System:

LUL Certificate 2688 RapidStrut DS5

Walraven RapidRail® Fixing System


rapidrail accessories   rapidrail accessories

rapidrail installation

RapidRail® is a lightweight, fast-fit fixing system for mechanical and electrical services including ductwork, pipework and cable management. For general use in depots and stations. This range is a modular system that offers time-saving installation.

View our authorisation certificate for RapidRail® Fixing System:

LUL Certificate 2676 RapidRail

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