Active since 1942

The Walraven Group evolved from the metalware factory J. van Walraven BV, a family business founded in Mijdrecht in the Netherlands in 1942. Founder Jan van Walraven, great-grandfather of the present managing director, was in fact a plumber. Because of the lack of building materials in the post-war years, he was forced to start making his own pipe clamps and brackets.

Growth into an international enterprise

That small family business has grown into an international enterprise today with its own production facilities and sales branches in various countries. The Walraven Group has more than 700 active employees busy with development, manufacture and the sales of innovative fixing systems, fire safety systems and sanitary ware systems.

From then to now:

1942 Founding of Metaalwarenfabriek J. van Walraven B.V.
1947 First production of pipe clamps
1958 First exports to Belgium
1965 First exports to Germany
1969 Takes part in international trade fair (ISH – Frankfurt)
1970 Exports to other European countries
1980 Founding of sales office in Tienen (BE)
1986 Founding of sales office in Bayreuth (DE)
1986 Introduction of the BISMAT® pipe clamp
1990 Acquires stake in galvanising company Loko Galvano in Gramsbergen (NL)
1995 Takes over customer Alfabat and founding of sales office in Lyon (FR)
1998 Takes over Industrial Hangers and founding of own sales office and production facility in Banbury (GB)
1998 Founding of sales office in Mladá Boleslav (CZ)
1999 Introduction of the BIS RapidRail® system
2000 Collaboration with manufacturing plant Suchánek in Cista (CZ)
2000 Introduction of the BIS RapidStrut® system
2003 Founding of sales office in Cracow (PL)
2004 European introduction of BIS Pacifyre® MK II Fire sleeve
2005 Introduction of BISCLIPS® Electrical Fixings
2006 Joint venture with A Raymond and founding of sales office in Grenoble (FR)
2006 Start of rubber production company Jefleks in Istanbul (TR)
2007 Founding of sales office in Detroit (US)
2008 Takeover of Emlux, manufacturer of Britclips®, market leader for CS70 spring steel fixings in the United Kingdom
2008 Founding of sales office in Madrid (ES)
2008 Founding of sales office in Kiev (UA)
2009 Founding of sales office in Moscow (RU)
2012 Founding of sales office in Shanghai (CN)
2012 Walraven celebrates its 70th anniversary
2012 Walraven Group acquires majority share of Isofix (ES)
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