Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the overall quality of any installation in which our products form a part, by means of continuous improvement and innovative development, manufacturing and distribution of products in the field of sanitary ware, heating, electro-technology and climate control (pipe and duct fixings in particular).

We implement these aims and objectives by ensuring that:
  • The client has all relevant information at their disposal in regard to making the correct selection from our products
  • The wholesaler/distributor is at all times supplied with the products their customers like to use
  • The installer has at their disposal reliable, time-saving products which satisfy high quality requirements 
  • The fitter has at their disposal user-friendly, safe products which are free of any problems

In order to achieve this, our company policy is managed in such a manner that our employees are enabled to develop their abilities with a large measure of personal responsibility and satisfaction on a continuous basis.

ISO 9001:2008 forms the basis for our company policy as much as the mature partnerships with our suppliers of raw materials and services.

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