5 reasons why installers are switching to RSWBs

Published on: 26 February 2020

Using wooden noggins to fix pipes and electric boxes has, until recently, been the most common method of fixing between stud walls and floor joists. rswb

More and more installers are now switching to Walraven’s RSWB fixing bracket (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) for faster and more convenient fixing.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1) Adjustable length fixing bracket

The RSWBs are available in two sizes, 25-40cm and 40-60cm adjustable brackets. The shorter ones are perfect for floor joists and the longer ones fit standard stud wall divides. This takes away the need to find pieces of wood, measure and cut them down to the right size. Simply expand the bracket to the length required and screw into the joist.

2) Time-saving

The convenience of having ready-made brackets, adjustable in length, boxed and ready to go on the back of your van can save a lot of time, not to mention, the effort of having to make up wooden noggins, especially on those larger jobs.

3) Versatilerswb install

Since launching the RSWB, installers have shared many photographs showing the RSWB in use, many of which have revealed uses for the bracket that even Walraven had not thought of! Not only is it perfect for electrical boxes and pipe runs, it can be used for shower valve fixing, shower drainage pipes and flue fixing too.

4) Fix it to a range of surfaces and depths

The RSWB can be fixed to wood or metal joists easily, and can even be used over uneven walls. Just a couple of screws through each fixing plate creates a strong surface for fixing to. The fixing plates also have depth markers where the plates can be bent to allow for multiple depth settings. No need to measure each one to get the same depth setting on long pipe runs.

5) Installers recommend it!

There has been so much feedback from installers who have found the RSWB has really made their job easier. Here is just one example: rswb install

Craig from CR Plumbing and Heating said: “We’re using the bracket on almost all of our installations now from bathroom first fixing, long pipe runs through timber joists and stud walls, to repair works. They have really changed the way we work. It’s such a versatile product which helps us get our jobs done quicker and they look great too!”

We have started an installation gallery on our website showcasing some of the installer images we have been sent of our product in use.

View RSWB installation gallery


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