Britclips® electrical fixings – Q&A

Published on: 9 August 2023

We recently sat down with our Business Development Manager for Britclips Electrical Fixings, Dean Shotton and asked him some questions about the product range.

What type of electrical fixings do Walraven offer?

britclips rangeWe have a wide range of products designed to support and secure electrical installations in different applications. Our market leading range of electrical fixings, Britclips®, consists of over 140 high quality fixings for multiple needs including:

  • Beam clips
  • Cable run clips
  • Threaded rod clips
  • Decking fixings
  • Purlin hangers and more

britclips rangeIt also includes our award-winning RSWB replacement for a wooden noggin. It is an adjustable metal bracket for fast mounting of electrical boxes within stud walls. The whole range is manufactured in the UK with high grade spring steel, offering cost-effective, high quality fixing.

The full range can be viewed here in our online Britclips® product list.

Are Walraven electrical fixings suitable for both residential and commercial applications?

Yes, absolutely. Britclips® can be used whether you’re fixing cable and back boxes in small residential units or large commercial or industrial premises. There are articles for different sized beams and purlins so whether you have a 2mm beam or a 20mm beam we should have something to suit.

britclips range   britclips range

Are Britclips® 18th Edition compliant?

Absolutely, as long as they are installed in accordance with the guidelines of the 18th Edition. You can read our short article which summarises the 18th Edition wiring rules specific to electrical fixings here. Read about Britclips® and the 18th Edition.

Are Britclips® electrical fixings fire rated?

Our Britclips® range are not fire rated. It is a common misconception that cable fixings need to be specifically fire rated. The 18th Edition states that it is no longer acceptable for plastic clips to be the only method used for fixing wiring in entry and exit routes. Instead, suitable ‘metal fixings’ should be used, because metal has a much higher melting point than plastic. There is no actual requirement for a fire rating, just the use of metal clips. You can read more about this in the same article as above.

Do you offer any technical support for electrical installations or projects?

Yes we can. If you need help finding a suitable fixing or if you simply have any questions about our product range you can contact our Technical Support team. They have all of the data available to them to provide you with advice and information. You can contact them through our form or by calling 01295 753400.

What product documentation is available for your Britclips® range?

All the information you need can be found on our website. On the product pages you can find tables and downloadable data sheets including dimensional information and loadings for each product. If you need any other information or have any specific questions you cannot find the answers to then you can contact our Technical Support Team.

Where can I buy Walraven’s Britclips® electrical fixings?

We sell exclusively through merchants and wholesalers. We are stocked in most national electrical wholesalers including CEF, Edmundsons, Yesss, Eyre & Elliston, BEW and Rexel plus a huge number of independent electrical wholesalers also stock Britclips®. Just ask in your local merchant or call me (Dean Shotton 07909 976 502) if you would like to discuss purchasing options.


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