Britclips®- the number one brand for electrical fixings

Walraven Britclips ® are a market-leading range of fixings for electrical installations. Manufactured in the UK for over 35 years, the Britclips® range includes over 140 hBritclipsigh quality fixings for multiple installation needs including beam clamps, beam clips,  cable run clips, threaded rod clips, roof deck hangers, purlin hangers, acoustic ceiling clips and more. The range is manufactured with high grade spring steel and is available through wholesalers nationwide.

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RSWB – Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket Britclips RSWB

The range also includes our popular Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket (RSWB), for fast mounting of electrical boxes, conduit and more within stud walls. Made in the UK from high quality galvanized steel, the RSWB can be fitted to metal or timber studs between 16 and 24 inches apart. It is quicker and easier to install than traditional methods and can be positioned at multiple distances from the edge of the baton, depending on what you are installing.

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Britclips RSWB

Britclips RSWB







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