starQuick® – The self-closing pipe clamp

Published on: 11 January 2018

The Walraven starQuick® is a versatile, self-closing plastic pipe clamp.  This product has an automatic locking mechanism allowing the clamp to be closed by applying pressure to the pipe without the need for tools and due to a patented profile it is possible to tack several pipe clamps to each other.

Suitable for all pipe types between 10-65mm:

With a selection of corrosion free pre-assembled accessories, the starQuick® range can be used internally or externally and because of the well rounded design it is easy and quick to fit.

Push pipe into clamp

Push pipe into clamp….done

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starQuick® pipe clamp and BIS RapidRail®

Did you know that our starQuick® and BIS RapidRail® ranges are compatible?

The plastic spring allows the slide nut to be fixed easily into the rail saving as much as 40% fixing time.

Light rail Applications





Our BIS RapidRail® Fixing System offers an unprecedented choice of rail profiles and cantilever arms plus an extensive range of its own accessories.  With it’s unique hole pattern the rail allows accessories such as the starQuick® to be mounted quickly on both sides. All in all an extensive and easy to fix system.

starQuick® pipe clamp and Britclips® RSWB

The Walraven starQuick® range is also compatible with our popular & easy to install, multi purpose RSWB bracket.









The RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) is the perfect solution for fitting electrical boxes, conduit, cabling and pipes within stud walls. The starQuick® range includes a rail adaptor that means the starQuick® pipe clamp can be attached to the bracket in one push and twist motion for holding conduit or pipework. Quick and easy!


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