3 ways Walraven can save you time on your next construction project

Published on: 13 December 2019

If you’re involved in the construction of any project, you’ll know that time is one of the biggest assets that you have. In fact, identifying new ways to a more streamlined jobsite increases profits and helps to keep your projects on track.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the value of construction new work in Great Britain is continuing to rise, reaching its highest level on record at £113,127 million last year. With demands like this, many project managers are looking at ways to save time and reduce cost whilst ensuring a consistent and professional delivery.

There are many ways to reduce or manage costs. Many contractors turn to initiatives such as software solutions, but these investments can prove to be costly and difficult to implement.

However, there are some simple ways that you can reduce costs and save time. In this post, we’ll aim to explore how Walraven’s time-saving fixing systems can help your project run smoothly, allowing you to complete projects on time and to budget.

#1 Opt For Prefabricated Materials

Prefabricated construction is becoming more popular due to the improvement in quality over recent years. With increased flexibility, consistent delivery and a more positive impact on the environment, many specifiers are choosing to source their materials in this way.

Walraven can prefabricate materials, delivering them directly to site. With pre-assembled parts and drill plans, we save you time, cost and waste.

#2 Choose Products That Are Easy To Install

Products that are easier to install can minimise the risk of human error, not to mention the obvious time and labour savings.

A job that may have taken a week to fix all the pipework with standard/traditional type products, can now be done in about 40% less time-with fast-fit, new product alternatives. Therefore, you’ll be paying for labour on site for fewer days.


Explore our time-saving fixing systems here


#3 Simplify The Process

Wherever possible, we recommend that you opt for a simple and effective approach when specifying products. Here at Walraven, we firmly believe that the small parts can make all the difference. Through an effective manufacture and supply process, our small, simple products make the lives of installers a lot easier.

Find out here how our RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) is helping installers make plumbing and heating pipework installations faster.

Our RapidRail® system also is a huge time-saver when it comes to M&E installations. Find out here how one contractor saved 70% installation time using pre-fabricated RapidRail® brackets.



Working with materials that aren’t easy to install-whilst trying to meet tight budgets and deadlines-are all challenges that stakeholders face when undertaking construction projects. The last thing you want is disputes with your customers as to why you exceeded your budget and completion dates.

Simpler. Faster. Better. That’s the way Walravan works to save you time and money. Our products support you in achieving your end goal of an efficient, professional delivery.

If you want to find out more about how we can help save you time and money, talk to one of our experts today about our unique fixing systems.

This blog was written by insynth.co.uk on behalf of Walraven.

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