How to install the RSWB in a step-by-step guide

The Britclips® RSWB is an adjustable metal bracket which can be used for all kinds of first fixing. From mounting pipework to fixing conduit and electrical boxes. The feedback that we have had shows that the Walraven RSWB is a much faster and more convenient method compared to using traditional wooden noggins.

This step-by-step guide shows you just how easy it is!

Step 1

The RSWB brackets are supplied in two connected halves. So the first step is to gently bend them to snap the brackets apart


Step 2

Slide the two halves together to form the complete bracket.

rswb   rswb

Step 3

Bend the fixing tabs at both ends and adjust the bracket to the required length for your installation. There are two brackets available, a 10-16” (25-40cm) RSWB and a 16-24” (40-60cm) RSWB depending on the joist width.

rswb  rswb

Step 4

Set the bracket back into the joist at the depth required. The bracket can be placed at any depth needed. If it needs to be close to the top of the joist, the fixing plates can be bent easily along the slotted markers to sit flat on the front of the joist, or bend back inwards out of the way.


Step 5

Screw into the joist with two screws through each fixing plate. If fixing to wooden joists, any suitable wood screw can be used. If fixing to metal stud, a self-tapping screw is required.

rswb  rswb

Step 6

Pre-drilled holes along the bracket allow you to secure your electrical box, conduit clip or pipe clips quickly and easily. You can fix to either side of the bracket, although we would recommend using the flat side to get a nice secure, flush fixing.

rswb  rswb

Top tip!

The indented side is the same profile as our RapidRail® channel and can be used with our Walraven RapidRail® hammerfix slide nuts if you want to attach lined pipe clips.

Installer views

Amigo Electrical uses them as standard for electrical first fixing: “We use the RSWB as standard now for all our first fixing. It’s so convenient, cost-effective and is a huge time-saver.” 

Craig from HB Plumbing and Heating uses the Walraven RSWB. He said: “We keep a box of RSWB brackets on all our work vans, the time-saving element is key for us. We’re using the bracket on almost all of our installations now from bathroom first fixing, long pipe runs through timber joists and stud walls, to repair works. They have really changed the way we work. It’s such a versatile product which helps us get our jobs done quicker and they look great too!”

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