Phenolic blocks – for the most thermally efficient installations

What are phenolic blocks?

Phenolic pipe insulation blocks offer the best all round solution for insulating pipe supports. This is because they are cost-effective, versatile and extremely thermally efficient.

The primary function of phenolic block supports is to isolate the pipe from the pipe support to both insulate and provide load bearing support. The inserts prevent contact between the pipe and the clamp which can lead to heat loss and condensation.

Walraven Phenblox®

Walraven Phenblox is a high-performing phenolic block that offers excellent thermal insulation values to help you ensure your projects meet insulation requirements.

Combine Walraven Phenblox with Walraven pipe clamps to ensure efficient installaton and load-bearing capacity. It can be combined with Walraven clamps including 2S, HD clamps and split bands depending on your needs. To help you find the matching clamp and block combination, we have a handy table in our Walraven Phenblox brochure.

phenolic pipe insulation, Walraven Phenblox

phenolic pipe insulation, Walraven Phenblox


An overview of insulated pipe supports

phenolic pipe insulation

Find out about different types of insulated pipe supports, where they should be used, British Standards and more in our overview article.

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How does phenolic compare to wood and mineral wool?

Read a summary of how phenolic, wood blocks and mineral wool compare and how to select the right pipe insulation block for your project.

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Can phenolic blocks contribute to net zero targets?

Discover why phenolic blocks are an important element of the insulation of pipework systems to help the drive towards net zero.

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Features and Benefits of Walraven Phenblox®

  • Available in range of thicknesses from 15mm to 50mm
  • Special sizes can be manufactured on request
  • Metal spreader plate included above 50NB for load distribution
  • Foil covering, stepped joint and closed cell structure ensure moisture resistance
  • Bore coating ensures no corrosion on copper pipes
  • Low thermal conductivity means performance can be achieved with thinner insulation
  • High level of fire resistance achieved – Euroclass BL-S1,d0
  • CE and UKCA Marked
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Specification documents available on NBS Source

If you have any questions about Walraven Phenblox, please contact our Technical Team who will be happy to help.

Visit our phenolic product pages or download our product brochure for a more detailed overview and to see our block and clip selection chart.

phenolic pipe insulation, Walraven Phenblox

phenolic pipe insulation, Walraven Phenblox

How to install phenolic foam blocks


Specifying insulated pipe supports?

Specifying fixings helps to reduce the risk of poor quality products being used and also helps ensure complex installation requirements are considered early on. Walraven Phenblox are available to specifiers on NBS Source. Download ready made specification documents quickly and easily!

Visit NBS Source

Where to buy Walraven Phenblox®

Our products including Walraven Phenblox are sold exclusively through M&E fixings companies and some plumbing merchants in the UK and Ireland. If you would like to find a distributor please get in touch with our sales team.

phenolic pipe insulation, Walraven Phenblox

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