Design service

Our Project Engineers can assist you with the design of suitable fixing systems for your installation. We can analyse your installation environment and carry out calculations, analyse forces and other technical requirements in order to design an optimal solution. We have experience designing all kinds of pipe support systems, rooftop installations and fire protection systems.

What can we offer?

  • CAD design of the solution
  • Revit / BIM support
  • 3D strength calculations
  • Assembly instructions
  • Detailed quotations and parts lists
  • On site support including anchor pull tests
  • After-sales support

Get one step ahead with our solution checklists

Our project solution checklists are a quick and easy way for you to request the design of bespoke engineered solutions. They ask the important questions that our Project Engineers need to know in order to design the most robust solution for you, saving you time in the process.

Take a look at the solution finder checklists



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