Sanitary Systems

Sanitary Systems

The sanitary products from Walraven are used in many installation applications. With our wide range we can provide you with several sanitary systems such as frames for hanging toilets and washbasins.

Unique are the height-adjustable BIS Vario® WC and washbasin solutions, which are extremely suitable for care homes and hospitals: improve the quality of patients and residents.

In addition Walraven offers an extensive McAlpine assortment in the Benelux. McAlpine not only offers traps, but also a large number of accessories such as waste outlet fittings, air admittance valves and WC connectors in high quality. Due to the large number of interchangeable and connectable parts, numerous assemblies can be made.


Height-adjustable BIS Vario® toilet and washbasin

The height-adjustable BIS Vario® pre-wall elements of Walraven make it possible to adjust toilets and washbasins either electronically or mechanically to the individual needs of its user.

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