Height-adjustable Walraven Vario® toilet and washbasin

Height-adjustable Walraven Vario® toilet and washbasin

The height-adjustable Walraven Vario® pre-wall elements of Walraven make it possible to adjust toilets and washbasins either electronically or mechanically to the individual needs of its user.

The pre-wall frame assortment is compatible with all standard sanitary ceramics and can be adjusted between 10 and 30 centimeters, depending on the model. Walraven Vario® products are integrated into the wall and blend in perfectly with any interior design.

Self-controlled living

Walraven Vario® products contribute to a self-determined life. Thanks to the height-adjustable toilets and washbasins, physically impaired people can largely do their own toileting on their own. Even if they have problems sitting down and getting up. The electrically adjustable Walraven Vario® toilets are infinitely adjustable during use 30 centimeters and thus serve as a sitting and stand-up support. Relatives or caregivers are relieved and the users preserve their privacy.

Height-adjustable BIS Vario® toilet and washbasin

Self-controlled living

In care facilities and in your own home

The Walraven Vario® systems are suitable for single-family homes or multi-generation households as well as senior citizen residences, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics (especially in nursing and ward bathrooms).

Height-adjustable washbasins and toilets allow their users to support themselves and be as independent as possible. The seat or washbasin heights of the electrically adjustable Walraven Vario® variants can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. The controls are within easy reach and can be operated during use.

Features & Benefits

  • Seat height and washstand height individually adjustable
  • Pre-wall elements disappear in the wall
  • More comfort for physically handicapped people, users of different sizes and families with small children
  • Sense of privacy
  • Relief of relatives and nursing staff
  • Greater safety and hygiene
  • Compatible with standard sanitary ceramics

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