A quick guide to the Britclips® RSWB

Published on: 6 October 2021

The RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) is a ready-made metal noggin which will make your installations quicker and easier! Originally made with electricians in mind, for fixing socket boxes and conduit in stud walls, it is now also very popular with plumbers. 

What are the benefits of using the RSWB?

Traditionally wooden noggins are used for many first-fix tasks. Even on smaller jobs this can be quite inconvenient – finding suitable pieces of timber, cutting them to size, fixing them level and so on.

The RSWB offers a more effective and efficient alternative to wooden noggins for fixing copper pipe, plastic pipe, shower valves, socket boxes, conduit and more!

Available in boxes of 50 for around £50 (prices can vary at different merchants) you can keep them on your van, ready for use. They are adjustable in length and simply screw into place. With pilot holes along the length of the bracket, you can quickly and securely attach your services with self-tapping screws.

In summary the RSWB:

  • Saves time
  • Saves effort
  • Is cost-effective

What are the main features of the RSWB?

The RSWB is an extendable metal bracket, made from pre-galvanised steel and is available in two sizes. It can therefore fit any joist divide between 25 and 60cm. The main features of the product are:

  • extendable bracket for faster mounting of electrical boxes, conduit, pipework, shower valves, flues and more!
  • can be fixed to wood or metal joists
  • two sizes available: 25-40cm (10-16″) and 40-60cm (16-24″)
  • can be set at any depth within the joists (including overlapping the front of the joist)
  • made in Britain
  • made from lightweight galvanised steel

How to fit the RSWB

Install the RSWB in three easy steps:

1. Supplied in connected halves, simply snap the bracket apart.






2. Slide the two halves together and set at the required length.






3.  Bend the fixing plates along the markers if fixing over the front of the joist, or the fixing plates can be left flat. Secure using a screwdriver and your choice of screws.





Who is using the RSWB?

We have received many installation examples and testimonials from both electricians and plumbers.

“We use the RSWB as standard now for all our first fixing. It’s so convenient, cost-effective and is a huge time-saver.” Amigo Electrical

“No more going back and forth cutting 1mm off lengths of timber!” Integral Plumbing & Heating

You can read some testimonials and view the full installation gallery here.

Find out more

Take a look at our RSWB page to watch a product video, see more useful articles and request a free sample. If you’re already convinced of the benefits of this product you can follow the link below to find out where to buy!

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