10 benefits of using the Maxx modular system for M&E

Published on: 2 August 2022

The use of secondary modular steel systems like Maxx is growing in the M&E sector. This is because they have many benefits over traditional welded steelwork constructions for heavy duty installations. They can help contractors deliver projects quicker, easier and safer, to a high standard whilst also minimising waste.

10 reasons to use Maxx modular steel frame

1) Minimal installation time – Cleverly designed parts that simply bolt together, and the fact it can be supplied in kit-form means that modular systems can be assembled faster and easier than traditional welded steel methods.We have an article which covers the time-saving benefits of Maxx here.

2) Cost-effective – As there is no on-site fabrication required such as welding or drilling, no machinery required to lift the structures into place and the parts are in simple kit-form, usually they can be assembled quicker and at lower cost than a welded steel system. For example there may be reduced labour costs and less material wastage too.

Maxx bridge side view   

3) Adjustable – Easily adjustable on-site without the need for hot works. Maxx Hammerfix connectors can be used to hold the assembly in place and make adjustments before the final tightening.

4) Flexible construction with unlimited connection points – Secure and adjustable connections can be made to the rail section at any point and on any side of the box rail.

5) Inter-connectable – Connects with primary steelwork, for example using the Maxx Beam Clamp, for securing supports to the building structure. Also connects easily with strut channel, rooftop support feet and more for an integrated support solution.

6) Safe and strong – Closed box profile ensures strength and high load capacity as well as high resistance to torsion.

    z.2 maxx clamps synthos

7) Suitable for non-penetrative roof designs – Can be connected to rooftop support feet such as our Yeti® to provide a non-penetrative rooftop support frame.

8) Improved H&S on site – With no requirement for hot works and the system being lighter and easier to handle than solid steels, there is less risk for injury and fewer H&S requirements on site.

9) Corrosion protection – All parts of the Maxx system are hot dip galvanised which offers superior corrosion resistance than Zinc coating. Therefore it offers good corrosion protection in outdoor environments.

10) Prefabrication options – Modular systems are perfect for offsite construction projects. They can easily be designed and assembled offsite, and delivered to site ready to install in place.

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