Introducing Walraven rooftop support systems

Published on: 27 June 2018

If you’re looking for rooftop support systems, why not take a look at our range of versatile, non-penetrative solutions for installing any kind of rooftop plant.

We have an extensive range of products suitable for installing all kinds of rooftop plant including air conditioning units, ducting, pipework, cable trays, high load equipment, stairs and walkways. Our solutions are versatile for use on flat and low-pitched roofs and offer a completely safe, non-penetrative solution to ensure the integrity of the rooftop.

Our modern, lightweight, modular solutions are quick and easy to install and are the best alternative to outdated methods of rooftop installations using timber, steel or concrete constructions. Using modern rooftop supports can be time-saving and labour cost-saving.

Your challenge, our support!

big foot systems

No two roofs are the same. Different layouts, accessibility, obstructions and more mean you may need a uniquely designed solution for every rooftop installation.

We offer a comprehensive technical support service to guide you throughout your project. Our technical team can provide bespoke designs with all the relevant load and wind calculations, taking into account all of the unique factors of your installation, to ensure the correct and most effective rooftop support systems are installed. Find out more about Walraven technical support.

Walraven’s rooftop support systems

Our rooftop product systems are suitable for all kinds of installations including A/C units, ventilation units, high load equipment, service decks and stairs, step-overs and walkways, pipes, ducts, cable trays. Our product systems include:

BIS Yeti® 480 Support System

big foot systems

A non-penetrative, modular system for supporting installations on flat roofs, other flat surfaces and even low pitched roofs (up to 7°). The sturdy BIS Yeti® feet are used in combination with BIS RapidStrut® fixing rail. It is fully adjustable with a 360° rotatable insert allowing precise positioning. With the optional ballast blocks extra weight can be added providing greater stability. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. Equipped with a non-slip anti-vibration mat to prevent damage to the roof membrane. View product details. 


big foot systems

BIS Yeti® 335 Support System

The BIS Yeti® 335 is the smaller version of the 480 and is suited to all common or standardised rooftop installation requirements on flat roofs. It

has many of the same benefits as the 480 including a 360° rotatable insert allowing precise positioning and non-slip anti-vibration mats to protect the roof membrane. It can be used for both vertical and horizontal applications. View product details. 


BIS Ursus Foot Support Systembig foot systems

Our BIS Ursus foot system is designed to support small, linear pipework systems, ductwork runs, cable trays, climate installations and walkways on flat roofs. It is made from UV resistant vulcanised rubber and includes a BIS RapidStrut® fixing rail piece so it can easily be combined with our RapidStrut® system for fast installations. View product details. 


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