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Published on: 18 October 2020

Full range of mechanical anchors

Walraven offers a complete range of mechanical and chemical anchors as well as technical advice and dedicated calculation software. Our aim is to support you in finding the right mechanical anchor solution for your project to ensure the safety of your installtion. Our heavy duty anchors range all have ETA approvals meaning you can have peace of mind that the anchors have been tested and approved as fit for purpose up to specific load requirements. Read our article to find out why ETAs are important for structural anchoring safety.

We manufacture the following types of anchors:

  • Concrete screws
  • Drop-in anchors                                                          Heavy Duty Anchors for every installation
  • Throughbolts
  • Highload anchors
  • Shield anchors
  • Ceiling anchors
  • Chemical anchors
  • NEW – Aerated concrete anchor
  • NEW – Hollow core anchor

Technical Support for mechanical anchors

We know how important it is to select and install the correct anchor on your project to avoid any risk of anchor failure. So we can provide you with more than just anchors!

Alongside our high quality, ETA approved mechanical anchors, we offer technical support which includes: Anchor Design Software

Why is correct anchor installation so important?

Unfortunately, incorrect anchor installation has resulted in catastrophic anchor failures in the past. You can read examples of this on the CFA website.

To help ensure our customers follow correct installation procedures we created some handy installation videos for our mechanical anchors range. We can also provide advice and toolbox talks in this area.

Need support with anchor selection? – Get in touch!

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